When choosing a Hops & Bubbles cash bar, we’ll only serve you and your guests the best quality drinks priced much lower than your local pub!

There are a few things that kill a mobile bar, and there is no real excuse for doing any of them:

  • Warm drinks – How often have you seen soft drinks served from a 2ltr bottle that’s been sitting on the side of the bar?
  • Poor quality mixers – Let’s have a nice premium gin and kill it with some Tesco value tonic!
  • Flat drinks – Big bottles that have got warm and been opened 15 times.

Many competitors will try to push up their profits by using supermarket own branded mixers and soft drinks, or bottles of beers which are on offer. Although with the beer they are the same product inside, many will be smaller bottles than the pub standard 330ml.

Using local specialist supplier’s, the drinks we serve are specifically aimed at the on-trade, meaning you’re getting the same quality and size as you’d get in your local pub. All our mixers and soft drinks are packaged as single serve meaning you get a freshly opened chilled drink every time.

We also try and use, wherever possible, single serve wines and prosecco’s to ensure you’re getting the freshest drink possible, straight from the bottle.

If you have a birthday party, garden party, festival or wedding planned for the future, send us a message to see how we can help.