Could your mobile draught beer equipment benefit from an overhaul?

The events industry is harsh on beer dispensing equipment. Poor maintenance of your draught beer setup can cause you massive issues, and usually at a time when your bar is busy! A Hops & Bubbles maintenance service covers every component in the system to ensure your equipment is working as efficiently as possible.

Some telltale signs that your equipment needs a professional overhaul are detailed below.

Beer coolers.

You fill your cooler with water, plug it in and forget about it. It’s getting cold, so it must be ok. Right?

Unfortunately, this is not always the case! As you can see from the image to the right, coolers used for mobile bars suffer badly from Algae growth. A biocide should always be used in wet coolers, but this is not always practical in the mobile bar business, with constant draining and refilling. Algae growth poses a health hazard for your staff and customers and severely affects your cooler’s cooling efficiency.

It’s also essential to ensure your condenser is kept clean. A condenser blocked with dust and fluff with seriously affect the cooling process.

Gas equipment.

The gas system is probably the most overlooked section of mobile dispense equipment. Kegs will generally run on mixed gas at about 35 psi. Mixed gas bottles are filled to around 2600 psi (180 bar), so it is important to check the primary gas regulators are serviceable and in date!

Beer lines and fob detectors.

Beer lines and fobs should be crystal clear. If they are dull then they’ll need a blitz clean with a good quality chemical, or in some instances replacing.

Taps and couplers.

Although simple in design, taps and couplers can cause lots of headaches if they’re not properly maintained. Check the operation of couplers paying attention to the rubber seals. If they looked perished or squashed then it is time to change them. Taps should be stripped down periodically to check the rubber seals, again changing them if required.

If your dispense equipment is showing any of the above signs, get in contact and we’ll get it working like new again!

Does the inside of your beer cooler look like this?

Algae growing in a remote beer cooler

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