Draught drink dispense technical services – Keeping you pouring in Surrey, Kent and Sussex.

Whether your own draught dispensing equipment, or kit you have hired elsewhere, when things go wrong it can ruin your event!

Hops & Bubbles offer servicing, fault finding, emergency repairs and installations to make sure your drink dispense equipment is ready to serve.

Modern beer dispense equipment systems can be fairly complex. Both the Heineken Smart Dispense and Coors CDQS systems have a lot of electonics in the system. When you are at the stage where you cannot serve beer, the most important thing is to get you pouring again! Luckilly, most components in these systems can either be swapped or bypassed temporarily until replacement parts can be sourced.

It is impossible to carry a spare of every part for every beer dispense system, but we are confident we’ll be able to get you serving again. If we can’t fix your equipment, we’ll offer you a temporary dispense solution to get your customers hydrated again.

  • Gas leaks and issues

  • Deep cleaning temporary bar setups

  • Broken equipment repairs

  • Pub shed / home bar installs

  • Fault finding of troublesome systems

  • Emergency call outs

  • Temporary equipment hire

For emergencies, please contact us via WhatsApp or SMS