Draught drink dispense and cellar technical services – Keeping you pouring in Surrey, Kent and Sussex.

Whether your own draught dispensing equipment, or kit you have hired elsewhere, when things go wrong, it can ruin your bar!

What we do

Hops & Bubbles offer servicing, fault finding, emergency repairs and installations to ensure your drink dispensing equipment is always ready to serve.

Servicing – Pubs, Restaurants, Home bars and Mobile traders

Poorly maintained beer dispensing equipment can cause lots of problems. This usually happens at a time when you don’t need it! We offer a thorough deep clean and serviceability check on fixed installs and mobile setups. Everything in the system is checked. From the gas bottle and keg coupler, gas pumps and fobs,  the cooler, right through to the tap itself. If your equipment is mobile, you are welcome to drop your kit off at our Edenbridge workshop to keep costs down.

Line cleaning –  blitz cleans or regular cleaning.

Ensuring your beer lines are kept clean is probably the most important task you’ll have if you want to serve good beer. Although line cleaning is relatively easy, it is time-consuming and needs to be done correctly. The leading causes of yeast buildup in beer lines are cheap chemicals, wrong dilution, intervals between cleans, and rushed cleans. Therefore, we only use Proton Professional cleaning solutions, widely regarded by cellar techs as the best on the market.

For lines showing signs of contamination, we offer blitz cleaning services to completely clean the lines from yeast and other contaminants. Although this can usually be completed in one visit, it may be necessary to perform it twice on very dirty lines.

We know that not everyone has been taught how to clean lines properly, and we’re happy to show you how to do this.

Draught beer installations

Whether adding another line to an existing installation, or a full setup from scratch in your bar or restaurant, we can help with keg and cask equipment.

Emergency breakdowns – Same-day callouts within 15 miles of Oxted (RH8)

When things go wrong, the most important thing is to get you serving again! Although many of the newer brewery installations are moving to fancy electronics (Heineken SmartDispense and Coors CDQS, for example), nearly all systems run on a basic principle of getting beer from the keg to the cooler and up to the tap. Because of this, fancy electronics can usually be bypassed as a temporary fix.

It is impossible to carry a spare of every part for every beer dispensing system, but we are confident we’ll be able to get you serving again. If we can’t fix your equipment, we’ll offer you a temporary dispense solution to get your customers hydrated again.

If your system is causing you issues, contact us through WhatsApp or SMS at 07786 553242, and we’ll do what we can to get you up and running again. You can also contact us via email if your enquiry is not urgent.

 Services we offer

  • Deep cleaning and regular line cleaning

  • Broken equipment repairs

  • Pub shed / home bar installs

  • Fault finding of troublesome systems

  • Emergency call outs

  • Gas leaks and issues

  • Temporary equipment hire

  • Servicing and preventative maintenance

For emergencies, please contact us via WhatsApp or SMS