Draught drink dispense installs – Beer, cocktails and wines

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Do you require a draught drinks dispense solution for your venue? Pubs, bars and restaurants - Free of tie and Independents. Free of tie and independent pubs and bars without a main brewer have the benefit of being able to choose which products they can sell. Thousands of small brewers in the UK now [...]

Mobile bar equipment servicing

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Could your mobile draught beer equipment benefit from an overhaul? The events industry is harsh on beer dispensing equipment. Poor maintenance of your draught beer setup can cause you massive issues, and usually at a time when your bar is busy! A Hops & Bubbles maintenance service covers every component in the system to [...]

Draught beer taps and dispense equipment hire

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Hire draught beer, cider, wine and cocktail equipment for your event. Whether hosting a garden party, wedding or beer festival, Hops & Bubbles can help with all your draught drink dispensing requirements. From a simple single-product setup to a 12 or more product system with a remote cellar, we have the equipment and [...]

Pub shed draught beer setup – Sorting out a messy install!

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Pub shed draught beer setup - sorting out a messy install by others With the pubs shut during the various Covid lockdowns, it seems everyone who missed their local boozer made a Pub Shed in their garden! There are some truly amazing examples out there (check out the Pub Sheds UK Facebook group which has [...]

From barrel to glass – Keg dispense explained

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Ever wondered how your beer gets from barrel to glass? Read on..... A keg is more than just a container to hold beer; it is an essential part of the dispensing system. Whatever the brand or product, basic principles are the same. Each barrel contains a valve mechanism that firstly seals the contents [...]

Stocklist – Updated December 19

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Hops & Bubbles Stocklist - December 2019 We often get asked what drinks are included in our cash bars, so here is the current stocklist. Some items subject to change. Gins Blind Tiger Piper Cubeba (Blue) Gin 47% abv Bombay Sapphire Gin 40% abv Botanic Cubical Kiss Gin 40% abv Caorunn Gin 41.8% abv Cubical [...]

New draught beer dispense system gets its first outing

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Hops & Bubbles four product Draught beer dispense system Our newly built four-product draught dispense system saw its first outing for the Holland Sports Community Fireworks night. Over 1500 people attended the event, and the system kept up with service all night, offering Fosters, Guinness, John Smith's Smooth and Strongbow to the crowds for 4 [...]

How to run a bar at your wedding or event

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Running your own bar at your event – a few tips to help you We understand that some people want to run their own bar. Maybe they have friends or family who want to be the barman for the day or know someone from their local pub keen to help. Whether you need a bar [...]


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