Hops & Bubbles – a bit about us

Hops & Bubbles was formed by Dan and Simon, two folically challenged over 40’s with a passion for making sure people have a good time. Both have pivotal roles in the increasing success of their local bar, Holland Sports & Social Club.

Dan started in the hospitality trade back in the 80’s at the tender age of 12. Working as Chief Operational Manager of glass collecting at one of the top local pubs, The Royal Oak, he swiftly moved on to bottling up by the age of 12 and a half.

During the next couple of years kitchen and waiting work was added to his ever-increasing skillset. From this early age he realised the pub is where he wanted to be and before the legal age of 18, was regularly working the outside bar picking up tips, tricks and bad habits from a number of British and Aussie bar staff. Over the next few years cellar management, a BTEC in motor vehicle technology, welding and bass playing were added to his skills.

Simon started at around the same age, but on the other side of the bar. Over the years he has picked up numerous skills from playing darts and cribbage, to keeping Guinness shareholders rich.

With the help of a number of trusted friends and family working alongside us, we have a long list of successful events we’ve been involved in, and we will be adding plenty more this year. Our ethos is to make sure every one of our clients and their guests have a good time!