A party is not a party without some kind of fizz on offer. When thinking about what bubbles to serve at your wedding or event, you’ll have a few options.

Champagne or proseccoWe’ll start at the top with the king of the fizz – Champagne.

There are very strict rules set in place by the Comité Interprofessionnel du Vin de Champagne, a group of Champagne houses and producers in France, that define what can be called Champagne and what has to be called sparkling wine. The main stipulation being that Champagne can only refer to “sparkling wine that is grown and produced in Champagne, France”. That means if you’re drinking a glass of something bubbly and it’s not from Champagne in France, it cannot be called Champagne, even if it is produced in the same way that Champagne is produced using the same types of grapes that you’d find in Champagne.

So, if the fizz you’re drinking is not Champagne then what is it?!

As with Champagne, the type of sparkling wine you’re drinking almost always depends on the place it’s grown and produced. Cava is Spanish sparkling wine and is also produced with in-bottle fermentation. Prosecco, the sparkling wine that is the popular choice around the UK at the moment, is Italian. Prosecco differs from cava and Champagne slightly because it is not fermented in the bottle; instead, it is fermented in metal vats.

When it comes to taste, it can be difficult to tell exactly what type of sparkling wine you’re drinking. Even within each of these categories, there are different varieties of sparkling wine, ranging from brut, which is dry with a hint of sweetness, to dry, which is sweet and not really dry at all!

Another one to throw into the mix is Frizzante. You’ll often see people advertising draught Prosecco which is served from a tap linked to a stainless steel keg. Although reasonably close to Prosecco, UK trading standards have been clamping down on companies marketing Frizzante as Prosecco as it is not the same product!

As you can see from the very brief delve into Champagne, Cava, Prosecco and Frizzante above, the most important part in choosing the right fizz for you is your taste buds! You can’t really go wrong with any of the choices, pick a good quality one within your budget and your guests will be happy!