Keg dispense coolers

A range of coolers available to hire to ensure your kegs dispense correctly.

The spec for each cooler type below is based on an ambient temperature of 18 degrees celcius, and is meant as a very loose guide!

Shelf coolers are suitable for 1 or 2 products dispensing 2-3 kegs over the course of a day.

Mini remotes have a higher output and can cope with upto 4 products dispensing around 10 kegs a day

Integral and water cooled remotes are good for upto 8 products and will dispense lots of kegs.

We’re happy to work out the exact equipment you’ll need; just let us know some details of your event in the comments box on the quote form at the checkout.

All quotations supplied include gas, pipework, cooler, keg couplers and installation / commissioning.

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