All our mini-kegs contain live beer, exactly the same real ale as you’ll find in your local pub.

As your local landlord will tell you, keeping real ale takes a little bit of effort to get it right. The instructions below will make sure you have the perfect pint at home from your mini-keg.

  1. Upon delivery, pull out the tap at the base by pulling it towards you and place the cask in a cool place.

  2. Leave to stand for 24-48 hours, longer if necessary, for your beer to settle and clear. Sometimes heavier and stronger beers may take even longer than 48 hours. DO NOT MOVE YOUR CASK OR YOU BEER WILL BECOME CLOUDY!!

  3. Pour beer by turning the tap half a turn anti-clockwise. The first pint or two will come out under its own pressure.

  4. When beer stops pouring or slows down, gradually open the vent at the top of the cask (quarter turn anti-clockwise) to allow air in and beer out. After each pour close top vent to maintain the condition of the beer.