Beer is foaming or frothy2022-05-16T11:53:36+00:00

The first 3 or 4 pints will likely be quite lively and foamy. This will be where the beer has warmed up in the line between the cooler and the tap and is unavoidable.
Other problems include:

  • Cooler is not switched on or has not been on long enough. Around 2 hours is needed.
  • Gas bottle has not been turned on.
  • No beer is coming from the tap2022-05-19T12:43:16+00:00

    If there is no beer coming from the tap, check:

    • The keg coupler is fitted correctly
    • Gas is turned on at the bottle
    • The yellow / Blue valve on the secondary gas regulator is in the vertical position
    • Flow control is set to the open position
    • If fob detectors are fitted, make sure the float chamber is full of beer and the white ball is at the top of the float chamber. If the ball is at the bottom, press the black knob at the bottom upwards to release the ball. Remember to pull the black knob back out when the ball has released.
    • The keg is empty!
    Beer or gas is leaking from a fitting2022-05-16T13:02:57+00:00

    On very rare occasions it is possible one of the push-fit fittings may leak.

    If this happens, do the following:

    • Turn off the gas at the bottle
    • Remove coupler from keg
    • Activate the handle on the keg coupler to release the excess gas
    • Open the beer tap

    Once the above has been done, give the pipe that is leaking a firm push towards the fitting to make sure it is fully in.

    Beer is warm2022-05-16T18:08:23+00:00

    Beer coolers are very reliable. We check each unit to make sure it is beginning to chill when we install.

    Things to check:

    • Power supply to the cooler
    • None of our coolers have switches. Just plug them in and you should be able to hear them working.
    • Check the fuse in the plug


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