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Mobile bars to suit any venue or event

When chosing a mobile bar setup it is important to choose the correct type for your particular event. Not only does the design need to fit in with your theme, but logistics such as electricity and water also need to be considered. Whether a party or wedding reception in a village hall or marquee, or a music festival, we have the experince to supply you the right kind of bar.

Wines, spirits and cocktails are virtually a standard setup on any bar, It’s the beer setups that will vary slightly as explained below.

The Bottle Bar

Probably the most versatile and cost effective type of bar setup, ideally suited to events up to 250 people, although in the past we have used this type of bar for circa 600 people! Drinks that should be served chilled are stored in iced water baths until required. Service is generally much quicker with a bottle bar versus a draught beer setup, and a bigger variety of brands can be offered. Electricity requirements are low and the entire bar can generally run from one 13 amp socket. The bottle bar can be complimented by a barrel or polypin of real ale or cider to add to the ‘pub’ feel, although we find even the real ale drinkers are happy with good quality bottled ales.

The Draught Bar

The closest you’ll get to having your own personal pub! The draught beer setup can be used for any number of guests, but is best suited to those with over 250 people. Ice cold draught lagers and ciders can be served from the keg giving your guests an authentic pub experience. There are a couple of drawbacks to this type of bar. Once a keg is opened, it really needs to be used within a couple of days, so any opened kegs at the end of the event could go to waste. With 88 pints in a keg this can work out expensive, especially if you have more than one product.